Fill the specially prepared, nozzle fitted, tinned brass vessel with warm, filtered clean sealine water. Now sit on the two feet, keeping the spine erect and hold the vessel in the right hand.  Now tilting the head a little towards left, fix the nozzle in the right nostril raising the vessel to an adequate height. Let the water flow of its own and pass through the other nostril, flushing and cleaning the whole of the system. Reverse the procedure so that a regulated stream of water flows through the left nostril and comes out of the right. In this manner nearly one litre of water should be passed from both the sides.


The dust particles and the decayed germs that get  into the body while breathing  are washed away. And this cleaning of nostrils ensures a fresh breathing. The cool breeze appears to bear a sweet fragrance that in turn bestows peace and happiness to the individual. If practiced, one can never suffer from increase of nasal bones, polypus like diseases that are more prevalent among children. Thus it is a useful process for all and must be practiced by everyone. These do not involve any expenditure and the poor can also do them. As nervous system in the head is powerful, toned up and revitalized, its regular practice improves money & eye sight develops other mental powers. Head-ache, cough, cold and other diseases originating from all these causes go away forever.


pits and wrinkles also disappear, leaving a radiant look at it. Hearing power also increases. Diseases causing tooth-decay etc. also leave the body. It also affects vocal organs and so the voice becomes sweet.

All these outcomes make a striver the most competent person to practice ‘Pranayama’(practicing regulation of  breath)  which is as important stage in yoga leading an individual towards transcendental meditation and finally ecstasy the ultimate goal, the sacred state of ‘Self Realisation’ where one dissolves oneself into all pervading Divinity and becomes Divine himself.

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